Cobalt Wedding Bands – A New Metal For A New Age

January 30, 2012

Why Cobalt Is So Unique

Cobalt Chrome is an alloy, created to be hypo-allergenic, non-corrosive and highly scratch resistant. What exactly is an alloy? An alloy is created when you combine two or more metals together to create a new metal, or metal-like material. Cobalt, as used in mens cobalt wedding bands, is a combination of cobalt and chromium. Chromium is also used in creating stainless steel, which we all know, and greatly appreciate, is used in making kitchen knives, our cookware and countless other products we use very day. Its valuable properties include being anti-corrosive or rust proof. This combination, results in an alloy that leads to stunning creations in cobalt wedding bands. Cobalt has a color that by many accounts, is whiter and brighter than platinum, but without the added expense. In fact, the average cobalt ring starts at around $199.

What About Skin Allergies?

There has been some confusion about the hypo-allergenic properties of cobalt chrome. Tungsten has been vastly popular for a while now and in an attempt to take advantage of its trending abilities, some manufacturers began using raw forms of cobalt as a binder, or a sort of filler product when creating their tungsten alloy. Tungsten and this raw form of cobalt, don’t get along well together in jewelry. The natural reaction of these two elements when put together, and worn in contact with skin, will begin to cause an irritation when it begins to mix with the natural oils found in our skin.

Cobalt, when forged together with chromium, however, does not create this kind of reaction. The anti-corrosive properties found in chromium, creates a kind of natural sealant that is perfect for use with cobalt. Remember, these same anti-corrosive properties are what makes stainless steel such a great thing. Cobalt chrome, as a result is hypo-allergenic and perfect for use in jewelry, even for the most sensitive of skin.

Brilliance To Last A Lifetime

According to the most recent stats, as found on, at least 20% of all purchases made for the wedding day are done online. Make sure you take full advantage of all available selections of cobalt rings, whether shopping at a brick and mortar location, or finding fabulous cutting edge designs online. Here are just a few examples of what’s out their to choose from. Enjoy!

ELDEN by Heavy Stone Rings

CONSTRUCT by Benchmark

SERVAL - by Benchmark

ROWAN - by Benchmark

Opposites Attract With Rose Gold and Cobalt Wedding Bands

January 22, 2012

WILLIAMS - Cobalt and Rose Gold Band by Heavy Stone Rings

These are two beautiful creations combining the sweltering heat of rose gold with the brilliant icy glow of cobalt, designed by artisan crafter’s Heavy Stone Rings. WILLIAMS is a prestigious JCK (Jewelers Circular Keystone) Award Winner in 2011 for Best Mens Jewelry. It is a masculine 10mm wide, with a distinguished appearance that could never be mistaken for “just another ring”. This band is comprised and hand crafted using 27 different parts and is fashioned with rose gold rivets contrasted against the cool tones of the cobalt band. A fabulous example of the artistry that can be achieved in today’s cobalt wedding bands.

ELDEN - Cobalt and Rose Gold band by Heavy Stone Rings


ELDEN, also by Heavy Stone Rings is an 8mm cobalt band that features an elegant inter-lay of 18k rose gold. The durable and scratch resistant cobalt lines the edges and gives protection to the delicately stunning rose gold. Unlike silver, the cobalt will never tarnish or lose its polished mirror-like finish that draws such spectacular attention, the longer you wear it. Why not take a moment to see what other vivid designs have been created to awaken your senses to the splendor of cobalt rings?

Cobalt Bands Go Custom With Heavy Stone Rings

January 12, 2012

Sapphires custom set by Heavy Stone Rings into a Cobalt band

According to a survey, as reported on, 60% of grooms choose a white metal over yellow gold when it comes to their wedding band. Another 41% choose to customize or personalize their wedding band in some way. For the 27% of grooms who choose tungsten, depending on what kind of custom work they are seeking, this could prove to be a challenge. However, for the growing number of fashion savvy newlyweds, cobalt wedding bands are the alternative metal of choice for custom work.

Unlike Any Other Metal

Cobalt has an unmatched quality and appearance, similar to that of platinum. Light-weight and hypo-allergenic, its glamorous permanently polished and mirror-like finish is extremely low maintenance as well as scratch resistant. Unlike tungsten, which is the hardest of contemporary metals, cobalt rings are more malleable, up to half a ring size. Cobalt will not chip or crack, fabulous for adding diamonds or personalizing your band.

JCK Winner WILLIAMS BLACK Cobalt Ring in a custom size19.5mm!

Heavy Stone Rings, is a leader in custom made contemporary metals. They can personalize almost any ring by adding custom pattern engravings. Do you have a special message you want to add to you band? They can laser engrave any text in any font on the inside or outside of your band. Take a look at some of their most recent custom work.

On 01/10/12, via twitter, Heavy Stone shared the top right picture of a mirror polished cobalt band, custom set with Montana Sapphires. What’s your favorite stone? Get it set in cobalt!

Next, do you require a larger than average ring size? Not a problem, take a look at this cobalt band in the picture on the left hand side, tweeted by Heavy Stone on 01/05/12, WILLIAMS BLACK in a 19.5! WOW!

Custom 2mm titanium band with set diamond


Create A Look All Your Own

Do you want something more delicate? Try this on for size a custom 2mm Titanium ring with set diamond shared with their followers on 12/22/11.

As Heavy Stone Rings sell only to authorized retailers, contact authorized Heavy Stone Rings online retailer, and find out if they can customize something similar in cobalt.

Follow Heavy Stone Rings on twitter and see their daily featured custom creations!


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