Add Cobalt Rings To The Long List Of Wedding Traditions!

March 25, 2012

PRAZISE - mens cobalt wedding band by Benchamark $189

If your shopping for mens cobalt wedding bands, there’s a distinct possibility that a you have a wedding coming up in your future, right? Then again, perhaps you have been married for years, or are happily single and are simply shopping cobalt rings because of the fantastic styles that top designers like Heavy Stone Rings, J.R.Yates or Benchmark have to offer, in the contemporary metal.

Whatever the reason, you’ve got good taste. Have you ever wondered though, where all these wedding traditions came from? Did you know that traditionally men did not even wear a wedding band until around the time of WWII? It’s true, because their men were going over seas for such a long time, the women-folk were afraid their husbands might forget about them waiting at home and wanted to put their mark on them so to speak. Viola! The mens wedding band is born. Not a bad tradition, nowadays it seems obvious that men enjoy wearing jewelry as much as women do. Well, almost as much. But why do married or engaged couples wear their wedding or engagement ring on the third finger of the left hand? Strangely enough, this has been done since Roman times. It was believed by the Romans that, this finger had a vein that ran directly to the heart. Aww! How sweet, symbolizing their true love.

ZANDER - mens cobalt wedding band by Heavy Stone Rings $459

Now what about the best man? Any guesses on where this tradition came from? Your going to get a real kick out of this one. In ancient Anglo-Saxon times, men sometimes actually captured women to make them their brides. How romantic, yes? Not exactly. Anyway, the hopeful groom would take along his strongest and most trusted friend to help him fight off the poor girls family. Yikes! This trusted friend, from there on out, was considered his best man among his friends. This best man would then accompany the groom up the aisle to defend the bride from being taken back by her family before the marriage could take place. Talk about having problems with your in-laws.

Ready for one more fun fact before we call it a day? The bride stands to the left of the groom, because in those days, even though the best man had his buddies back during the ceremony, it was still possible that the groom might need his sword which he wore on the right side. The bride stood to the left so he could get to it in a hurry if he needed to.

Isn’t it amazing how many traditions get kept up even though most of us have no real clue as to where they came from. Whatever traditions you plan on keeping on your wedding day at least you’ll know you picked out your cobalt band for one reason, and one reason only. It’s gorgeous! Enjoy!

Do You Need Help Sizing Your Cobalt Rings Before You Buy?

March 25, 2012

Be ready to wear your brilliant cobalt wedding band the moment you receive it. Use a finger sizing kit!

There’s not a whole lot of things more disappointing than after picking out your favorite ring from among the countless designs in mens cobalt wedding bands to choose from, receiving it, then finding that it doesn’t fit. More likely than not, if it does happen, it will probably be too big rather than too small. How’s that? Because most of today’s top designers of cobalt rings create their bands with a comfort fit. Comfort fit means that there is a slight roundness to the inside of the ring, so that it does not pinch or become uncomfortable with daily wear. However this also means that a comfort fit ring will fit about 1/2 a size more loosely than a non-comfort ring, so be sure to take that into account when you order.

Honestly the easiest and surest way to get the perfect fit is to order a finger sizing kit from the retailer you are choosing to order from, that way there is no mistake. Also on the plus side it makes for no impulse buys. It gives you time to really look, and think about your purchase. Ordering it will release you from much headache later, runs only about $3 and takes just a few days on average to arrive. Not bad for peace of mind and actually being able to wear your cobalt ring as soon as you get it.

Would You Choose Mens Cobalt Wedding Bands Over Platinum?

March 17, 2012

An absolutely brilliant example of cobalt rings paired with mokume gane. Just radiant!

If you compare the two metals, cobalt is considered contemporary and platinum is precious. So you may ask yourself, if I had the choice and money was not an option, “Would I still choose cobalt rings over platinum?” The answer may actually be, “yes”. If you wanted to maintain the same scratch resistant, polished and gleaming white glow years from now, as you did when you left the show-room floor.

Cobalt rings offer new choices and more option to lovers of contemporary metals. It is harder than platinum yet has the same if not more brilliant a glow than the precious metal does itself. Because of it’s hardness it is highly scratch resistant. Whereas platinum will inevitably scuff and scar, this is not nearly the case with mens cobalt wedding bands. Even though cobalt has such a great reputation for its durability, it’s still malleable enough for intricate design work with diamonds and other custom creations. More and more top designers are choosing to work with cobalt due its fabulous properties and longevity of style.

This masculine and bold 10mm cobalt band has amazing strength yet is malleable enough to feature 3 sparkling bezel set diamonds!

So, after considering just a few factors regarding the permanence of cobalt rings, given the choices that you have, what will you go with platinum, or cobalt?


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